Free songs


The asking

In the Age of a dark Sun. It seems the things we do is still undone.   Behind the wall, behind the screen is reality. We climb the wall, and we go behind the screen –         and reality is nowhere to be seen.   Sun of  dark, stroke of kill. Mist of mankind, changes of will. With […]


There’s these moments when my mind, lets light shine. There’s this strong gateway, there’s this sounding chime. More and more, the inner voice is slipping through. Stating very clearly what this life is meant to do. And even if I’m about to learn to lose myself in you: The key to what is the truth […]

It is

It is In the Heat of a frozen winters white It is In a fall to leave off summers delight It is In a viewpoint to Spring ahead It is In the cut out words of colors she said                                            […]